WooCommerce – Add Confirm Password Field on My Account Register Form

WooCommerce 2.1 Add Confirm Password Field on My Account Register Form

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Change WordPress Login / Register Logo

Change WordPress Logo Code Here is the snippet to change the logo on the login screen. All you have to do is copy this code into your functions.php file and change the image to the image you want to use and it’s done.

Change Logo Link The default logo link will point to the […]

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Turn Off the Admin Toolbar in Settings

WordPress automatically displays a toolbar at the top of the page when you’re logged in. Whether you’re viewing the WordPress dashboard or the front page of your site, it’s still there – and for many people it’s an annoyance. For developers, the toolbar can slightly throw off a theme’s design, especially if you have some […]

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How to Speed up WordPress Leveraging Browser Caching via .htaccess

Add the below code in your .htaccess file

Reference : http://crunchify.com/how-to-speed-up-wordpress-leveraging-browser-caching-via-htaccess/

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Word Press Speed optimization: Enable Gzip Compression

To add the below code in your .htaccess file

For details please refer the URL https://css-tricks.com/snippets/htaccess/active-gzip-compression/

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Modifying Apache to Allow URL Rewrites

On Ubuntu First, we need to modify the Apache virtual host file for WordPress to allow for .htaccess overrides. You can do this by editing the virtual host file. By default, this is 000-default.conf, but your file might be different if you created another configuration file:

Inside of this file, we want to set […]

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