Whether you want to create a new eCommerce site, want to take your current site to the next level, OX has the services and expertise you need. With close coordination with our clients , we provide continual feedback and suggestions to ensure success in enhancing our process. We offer you the best flexible platform for your business to make it grow better and reach higher.

  • Analysis

    Requirement analysis is the most important and fundamental phase – because we need to set the right goals and methods together. It is performed by the senior members of the team. The team holds discussions and tries to bring out as much information as possible on their requirements. At the end of this phase, the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document is prepared. SRS is a formal document that acts as a written agreement between the development team and the customer.

    Requirement Analysis
  • Plan

    After requirement gathering, the team comes up with a rough plan of the process. This phase includes the wire frame and functionality specifications. It’s used to make decisions in design, feature flow, content planning and development. Planning for the quality assurance requirements and identification of the risks associated with the project is also done in the planning stage.

  • Design

    The inputs from users and information gathered in requirement gathering phase are the inputs of this step. Designer will create a visual appearance of your future website with industry best practices. It is much easier to change a part of the design in this phase than to go back after development and fixing it later. Once the design phase is complete, frontend part of development can begin. During the full project life cycle, designers are providing quality assurance for the visuals. The design specifications serve as input for the next phase of the model.

  • Develop

    Includes implementation of the design specified in the design document into executable programming language code. During the process, we provide you with continual updates and listen to your feedback. We walk with you during this process. The client’s team members as well as our staff who are involved in the development of the site have the access to view the dev site in our server. The testing is an integral part of development phase. It includes cross-browser testing, feature testing and performance testing.

  • Maintenance

    After successful testing the website is delivered / deployed to the customer for their use. When the customer’s starts using the website then the actual problems come up and needs to be solved from time to time. Based on the feedback, the website may be released as it is or with suggested enhancements in the targeting market segment. The maintenance phase also includes handling the residual errors that may exist in the website even after the testing phase.