Uninstall or delete magento2 custom theme manually

How to uninstall or delete magento2 custom theme manually?

we can uninstall a custom theme with the following steps

Uninstall Theme

1. Remove the theme folder from app/design/frontend/Vendor/

2. Clear the content of var/view_preprocessed/

3. Clear the content of pub/static/frontend/

4. Open the Magento’s database, go to the theme table then search your theme (which you are going to delete)and note the value of “theme_id”. Then delete the row.

5. In the table ‘core_config_data’ find the theme_id using below query.

Check the value. If it contains the deleted theme_id value, then delete that row also.

6. Clear the cache with php bin/magento cache:flush

For more details please refer the below link


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